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Speed Test Performance Database & Reports

MySpeed Server Professional and NOC Editions support a test results database. This provides the network and customer support groups access to the Speed and Quality results both in summary and detail form. This data is stored in a database and is made available for selection, review and reporting in a number of different ways. Choosing any of the predefined report types presented in the main server view presents the user with the standard report selection page as shown below:

Reporting View

The first section is the Search Parameters combined with the output choices. This panel allows the user to select:

What Data
    -     is extracted based on a start-time and an end-time
    -     is selected based on filters namely IP (IP address), DNS (Domain name assigned to IP address) and SID (session ID) recorded for the speed test

What Format
    -     is used for output of the selected data

What field elements
    -     are included in the report body

Section 1

1. What Data

  1. From - Simply choose the date and time range you want to search between (Note this time is time zone neutral)
  2. IP - Enter a particular IP for the report selection (Supports the use of wild carding with the * character). This is the IP address that initiated the test. Note: If the security option to suppress the IP address is used then the IP address is not available for reporting. This security option can defined for Reporting and Administrative users separately.
  3. DNS - Enter the DNS name for report selection (Supports the use of wild carding with the * character). This is the name of the workstation or server that initiated the test.
  4. SID - Enter the particular session ID for the report selection (Supports the use of wild carding with the * character). The session ID is available only in the Professional and NOC editions and provides the means to assign user defined data  to the test. For NOC edition this is normally used for identifying the location of the automated Remote Testing Agent (RTA)

2. What format

  1. Table / Graph - Selecting this option will report the results in table or graph format - examples.
  2. Spreadsheet / Text - Selecting either Spreadsheet or Text provides the means to export the MySpeed report data for use in an external application such as Microsoft Excel - examples.

2. What Field elements
The second section defines what field elements are required to be included in the report, simply check or uncheck and click 'search' to run the report selection. Note these options are not available for the graph selection. This is because the graph legend allows the user to select or deselect what is included in the graph.

  1. SESSION ID: You may easily enable Session ID logging will which tag each user's report results with a text string which appears as a new column in MySpeed server reports, useful for identifying an individual's test results. More information.

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